Chem-Phys Patch Marks Next Step in Fitness Monitors

Chem-PhysA team of scientists from UC San Diego has developed a patch that can measure both heart rate and sweat lactate. The patch, known as the Chem-Phys, is made of a polyester sheet only two inches wide that can adhere to the wearer’s sternum. The patch has three sensors: one measuring sweat lactate and the other two on the side measuring heart rate. The sensors are wired to a Bluetooth chip powered by a lithium ion battery, and the collected data can be broadcasted to a computer.

In a trial run, the team attached the Chem-Phys to three male subjects while they rode stationary bikes. The sensors stayed on even after the subjects were sweating, and compared to traditional heart rate monitoring techniques, the patch was just as effective. Though the device is not yet ready for consumer use, the team hopes to bring the device to sport’s medicine, and ultimately, to be used for a tricorder-like device.

(Source: Popular Science)

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