Tyto Telehealth System Brings Doctors Visits Home

Home visits from the doctor are a thing of the past. However, spending hours in a clinic or emergency room to see a doctor when your child has a fever or is showing signs of an infection can be exhausting and oftentimes leads to exposure to more germs. Now, the Tyto telehealth system from TytoCare is helping families connect directly to a physician any time of day. The main unit features a touchscreen display in the front that can interface with various devices and share data with your doctor. The back of the device accepts attachments such as a thermometer, otoscope, or stethoscope. If you need help working the device, your physician can connect with you through a phone or tablet to help guide you through the procedures. So far, the digital stethoscope has been approved by the FDA. Watch the video above to understand more about the Tyto Telehealth System.

(Source: medGadget)

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